{article} Self Web hosting help (Advice about scale and how to) and cost.?]

Question by Peter_23: Self Web hosting help (Advice about scale and how to) and cost.?

I am a web designer of sorts and I like to create websites for my self and others. I want to start hosting my websites and my clients websites on my server (so that I can offer more support my clients are not tech savvy and need something fully managed plan). I am an optimist and hope one of my many websites can get high traffic. My websites are designed using php, I am familiar with Apache and Mysql and have had some experience with a virtual dedicated server before. I would like to know the cost of running these such websites and the cost for hardware. I want to run a web server and an a separate sql server. I was also thinking of starting with a used prolient or something along those lines maybe U1 or U2. Any suggestions will be appreciated and welcome. As I said before I am an optimist and want something that is scalable reliable and fast(and cheap too)I plan to run something along the lines of 400 single page websites(could be more with time) and 2-3 more complex with search options and data bases ( the works) with a good UI. I know I am asking for a lot but hope you guys and gals can help me out.

Thanks for your help in advance

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Answer by free_indeed2000
the problem you will have is your ISP. upload speeds and bandwidth are not that great on standard accounts. hosting 400 sites on a home server on a residential internet connection would garuntee terrible service should a few of the site become popular.

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