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Question by Chris Gray: Shared web hosting or Dedicated?
I run four sites (soon one more) and I’m paying around $ 50 a year to host each of them. I notice that the speeds aren’t crash hot, but neither is the price I’m paying for them. The speed isn’t an issue but for one site, though the new site I’m starting will need decent speeds to keep up. Storage on both services is plenty, so speed is my only concern.

Is dedicated hosting (ie, one box that hosts all my sites) worth the $ 180 p/m cost, or are there cheaper alternatives for comparable speeds? I don’t want to commit to something that expensive without knowing if I’m going overboard. Alternatives (or recommended dedicated hosts) welcome 🙂

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Answer by Jason
Changing it to dedicated might not result in a boost of speed as you intend. What you need is to find a new web host that provides fast loading speed. I suggest HostGator. I use them for my business and in my experience, their loading speed is much faster than other web hosts. Check them out.

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Question by : WordPress Hosting – Who’s most reliable and affordable?
Hi, Looking for a Cheap WordPress Hosting, it must be reliable and having good clients support. I’ve checked some information on the page


Anyone can give me a good selection?

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Answer by David M
Take a look at:
There you can reach the three reputable companies that are leaders in the blog/wordpress website hosting industry.

I personally recommend:

Hope this helps.

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