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Question by Rich W: Some web hosting plans?
I would like to know your opinions about some web hosting plans I usually deal with, I have placed them at my home page – www.andreyknure.narod.ru what can you say about them if they are affordable? Could you advice any other cheap web hosting providers?

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Answer by wartz
I wouldn’t go with one that ends in dot-ru unless I lived in Russia. Try Bananic.com

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Question by cdp: which is the cheap and best web hosting service in india ?

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Answer by Interview Question And Answer
Believe me cheap is not always best, say you are earning $ 5 from your website per day, now if your website is down for 12 days per year you are going to loose $ 60 , not only that your website will also loose credibility

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Question by etomar94: Anyone know of a cheap web host that supports Microsoft Frontpage ?
My site’s already made with MS Frontpage, but I can’t find a cheap host.

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Answer by tori_729
I use ESmart Start but I have the free version that has advertising. I’m not sure how much they charge for a good URL but you can check them out.


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