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Question by Joseph H: Starting a used car website?
I would like to start a website for my small used car business. I am good with computers and fluent with HTML, although I also use frontpage as a crutch. Does anyone know where I can find a place to host my website. Also, I would need to be able to come up with my own web address. Cheaper the better for now, and if they specialize in small businesses that would be even better! Thanks.

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Answer by idosalama
Yahoo small business?

Im not 100% but you can look in to it, its pretty cheap

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Question by Yorkie: How much is 250mb of web space?
I am setting up a website for a club which will need to have pages for results of weekly competitions included. These will be HTML documents. I cant decide which hosting package to go for as I am not sure how many pages etc a person might get for 250mb (which is the cheapest package). Site is built using Netobjects Fusion.

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Answer by Zaius M
Depending on the quality and format of your website. If it is going to contain a lot of pictures, change them to jpeg and reduce the resolution. Hundred ++ pages should be fine.

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Question by james: Need high number of email addresses for my site but from where?
I have a small charity+event management organization.Now to increase its popularity we have decided to start our own website.We have planned to buy the domain name from godaddy.com but we are not sure about the web host.So i wanted to know which web host is the best in offering high number of email addresses with cheaper rates and better service?
we need atleast 30-40 email addresses

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