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Question by jaybeth: Starving Artist needs free web domain?
Yes, literally a starving artist. I am a college student and I rely solely on the purchases of my artworks for my income. What I need is a web host that will allow for the unlimited upload of my photos, perhaps something like Flickr, but with an easier to navigate format and a page for my about me. I would use Flickr but it only allows 100MB a month in downloads and I have several GB of photos, and it would take me years to get all my photos on there.I have a domain already, I don’t need that, just someplace I can put all my pictures and show them off to clients.

Let me stress that I CANNOT PUT ANY MONEY in this whatsoever — I don’t care how cheap it is. PLEASE do not reply with ANYTHING that costs money. I am looking for FREE, as you can tell with my question. Thanks!

P.S. don’t be retarded and tell me that I won’t find a good host for free. I fully understand that I will not find something totally flexible to my needs. I’m not stupid. I just know there are free web hosting servers, I just can’t find them.

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Answer by William J

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Question by Joshua W: Building a Web Site?
User based web site with an email alert system for events (Races) sent out to people who subscribe to be alerted on the days the registration will open.

-Apache, Send Mail, any Database, Ajax based web site, message board, web crawler to watch race web sites for changes(site specific).

Hardware: HP Prolient Server, Generic web hosting, Static IP from Comcast Business class.

Functions: Profile Creation, HTML email alert, Message board for them to chat about the event, and the html email will probably have one or two Ad-Based pics within it.

Am I missing anything? What would you guys recommend to add, software to use, best way to do this on the cheap.
Thanks in advance.

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Answer by Jenifer G
May be you can contact a web designer at website like http://getafreelnacer.com/ .

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