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Question by Zurielle: Suggestions for web hosting please!!!?
Many times before, I’ve almost bought something I mistook to be something else. So I’m asking for suggestions on a web host, that’s really good, (will give you A LOT of things to be able to do) fairly cheap,(around $ 10 per month or less) and supports phpbb. I felt asking people who most likely have more experiance will pin point me somewhere in the end better than where I’ll otherwise end up in…
Okay so all of these support the forum program phpbb?? I don’t want to be ripped off possibly by go dady either.
Thanks for so many suggestions so soon.
Okay right now I’m thinking Hostmonster, bluehost, or aplus… which one is best??

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Answer by Chad
Check out ODSOL: http://www.odsol.com/web_hosting/

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Question by Xaledo: What web host would be the right for me?
I am looking for a good web host for a low to medium-traffic blog. Dreamhost currently has a GREAT deal (2 years for $ 11) today only but it is currently extremely slow, I can’t even get to the sign up page.

It should be cheap, and relatively easy to use. Any ideas?

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Answer by leito339
Well seeing that blogs don’t take too much bandwidth I’d go with lite-hosting.net as it’s only 2.50/mo for 500mb storage 5mySQLs and 1GB bandwidth. Though I think they are doing a Christmas special or something for cheeep.

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Question by coolla: Web hostings plan that suits our company
My company is a small size of computer hardware/software wholesaler. My boss would like me to find out the cheapest and most reliable web host company in NZ (within NZ company). The following is our current circumstance:

1. We are using Windows hosting plan
2. We do not necessary to have database for the system as MYOB is supplied with MSSQL
3. Actual web pages are small (approx. 100MB)

Are there any suggested web host company that I could have a look around? I need to give a confirmation with my boss within 2 days. THX!!!

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Answer by Cory S
You can try laddienetworks.com. Check out their plans and compare. They are quite reliable. You can also try laddiewebhosting.com which will suit your needs as well up to 250mb with MySQL and more.

Laddie Webhosting is the “free” service for Laddie Networks.

I hope this helps and good luck!

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