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Question by Ogvidius: Trusted web hosting and reviews?
Hi, I’ve been doing a bit of research into good web hosting sites and found quite a few reviews and things like that, but are they to be trusted? Almost all the ones I read lead me to hostmonster or justhost. Are these to be trusted? Justhost doesn’t want you to leave the page and gives you some fake thing about an agent you can talk to about cheaper prices that seems a bit dodgy, but they are rated #1 on loads of sites. Any suggestions?

I’m looking for a cheap hosting site that I can have www.”sitename”.com or perhaps .co.uk ending.

The website will be used to be an online gallery of my designs, flash animations and short films, so unlimited space would be useful 🙂


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Answer by Nick W
If you’re looking for a UK based host I strongly recommend http://www.ifusehosting.com

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Question by marc c: Website hosting help. Need cheap hosting + name?
I want some web hosting. unlimited bandwith around 50gb of space and a free domain name. Its for my friend who is asking me on advice on a website. Hes hopeing just to get a few pages up with the name www.rollracing.co.uk.

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Answer by David K
serversea.com has websites for approx $ 25 a year. I don’t think it’s unlimited bandwidth, but possibly enough and they give free domain names.

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