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Question by redtyphoon86: Vexxhost web hosting?
Does anyone have a website on vexxhost web hosting?
How is it? is it good? is it reliable?

Any other cheap n good web hosting recommendation?

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Answer by Jack W
I recommend either Godaddy Economy or the Deluxe plan:
(prices from $ 4.74/month – $ 6.99/month)
Price of a discounted domain with any hosting plan is $ 2.19

or Dreamhost http://www.dreamhost.com/hosting.html

Their standard price is $ 9.95/month ($ 119.40/year)
but you can use the promo code PLUS and get
$ 50 discount +2 Free domain names.

Disk space: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
2 Free domain names
Unlimited domains and subdomains
Price: $ 5.78/month ($ 69.40/year)

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Question by Enlightenme!: The cheapest and most reliable web hosting site?
I have heard of blue host: http://www.bluehost.com
and hurricane electric: http://he.net/hosting.html.

I need a host that supports MySQL and PHP. Although the two above do and are worthy choices I want to know if there are any others I should consider.

Also, I am not sure how much space I need. I basically want to post my website along with a forum. Do you think I will need more than 2GB?


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Answer by theflattestbattery
I heard spymac was pretty good.

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