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Question by christian d: Web Cam for security in Office?
I need to set up a discrete web cam in place in my office so it will stream video when im not in office. whats the cheapest way if there is a free software that will allow it – i have a website using a web hosting company can i use some of the bandwith allocation or something..

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Answer by JoYork
Check out http://lundie.ca/fwink/sample.php for the software and you can have some free webspace with http://www.freehostia.com

I wouldn’t stream from the webcam, instead, set it up so it transfers the current image to the server every 10 seconds or so, that way it won’t clog up the bandwidth at work.

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Question by Brian M: is there a website where i can host a web cast for free?
the radio club at my school is lookig into doing a live video feed online, and i was wondering if there were any sites i could do this with for free, or at a really cheap price?

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Answer by Liu L
Free webhosting is not stable. You may face on data lost, privacy problem with freehostings.
I use hostlgator and it is cheap but stabale hosting . 6.9/month
With a coupon code , you can use their hosting for almost free, $ 0.01 the first month
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Question by ck: Which sites are good for making your own website?
I make earrings and I want to set up an online store. I also want my own domain name. I just signed up for yahoo web hosting but I don’t really like their templates and I’m sure I can find another site that has a cheaper annual fee.There are a ton of companies and I want to know which one is the most reliable and also has nice design layouts.
Thanks in advance 🙂

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Answer by CuTa
Try ww.freewebs.com, 110mb.com.

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