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Question by Kiefer H: Web Design?
Hi everyone.

I’m with my high school newspaper, and only now are we trying to get up our own website. I’m wondering if you guys know what are some great, yet cheap, Web Design programs, along with a great, yet still cheap, Web Hosting website. Thanks in advance! : )

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Answer by spyder461
As far as free hosting goes, I would look at Brinkster. Their free service is good. For a pay service, I would look at either Brinkster, or 1and1.com. I’ve used both, (I think 1and1 is a bit better space & bandwith/cost). As far a web desing program, the cheapest is handcoding with notepad. If you want a little more advanced design application check out http://www.evrsoft.com/1stpage2.shtml. I’ve never used it before, but a couple of friends have said it works ok.

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