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Question by AnonymousChris: Web host doesn’t allow server-side scripting. What are my options?
I designed a site made mostly using Flash and xml. One page uses PHP to send information to an email. But recently (after the site was created) that the host doesn’t allow server side scripting, so I can’t use php. At the moment the company pays $ 50 a month on hosting services, there are much cheaper options, but they would have to pay like $ 300 up front for the setup fee’s. Which they are trying to avoid. Though it may be the best option. I could just take out the contact page, and make people email the old Fashion way. I know you can do the same thing with a java applet but I don’t know java and I’ve heard its tough to use with flash.
They are a rip off. Its market america
They are a rip off. Its market america

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Answer by David D
For $ 40/month you can get a full VM with 400GB of transfer a month with no set up charge ( http://www.linode.com/ ).

I don’t know where you are going for hosting now, but it sounds like they are rip off merchants.

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Question by Joie: Are there any free web site building/hosting sites that let you bring a domain from somewhere else?
I’m wanting to use a free web site building and hosting site to make my web site, and I’ve checked out a couple such as Yola and Moonfruit. But I want to buy a domain elsewhere because it’s cheaper. Both of these sites however won’t let you do that without a fee, or upgrading and buying the domain through them which is way more expensive. Are there any of these same type sites that will let you bring a domain from somewhere else without charging you? If not, what are your suggestions for someone like me who needs help building their site and wants to do so cheaply, should I use separate sites for the building and hosting? Will the hosting sites only let you bring in a domain from elsewhere?

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Answer by Brodie Pestell
Listen Mate not to advertise but my friend has a business that charges £30 a year contact [email protected] to contact him to get started seriously he even give free coding support.

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Question by ??: Questions about transferring my websites & domains to a new web host please?
I’ve had several domains and websites at a particular host for many years. Unfortunately, they charge premium fees and I’m looking for a cheaper option. There are other hosts offering the same services at cheaper rates. I can save all my current web directories locally and upload them to a new host but I am concerned about any down time needed to transfer registered domains, many email accounts, Apache based applications, PHP, MySQL databases, etc. What will the problems be?

Will my websites be unavailable for very long during the transfer to another host?

Will my SEO ratings decline if Google and other bots cannot find my sites during the down time?

What about my transferring my dedicated IP address and SSL certificate?

What kind of difficulties can I expect?

Is it worth the transfer in order to save money?

Thanks for your help.


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Answer by Bob B
The only downtime that you should expect is the time it takes for your new nameserver settings to propagate through the various DNS caches on the net. This can take anywhere from as little as 12 hours to as much as 36 hours for some DNS caches.

Since you’re moving to another hosting company, your dedicated IP address will change from one in your old host’s IP range to a different one in your new host’s IP range. Sorry, I don’t know how that change would affect your SSL cert. (I’d certainly expect that there would be some fairly easy way to switch over the IP address for it.)

I’m thinking it might be best to switch your sites over first and transfer your domain registrations later. (I don’t see any benefit to making all of the changes at once.)

Whether it’s all worth it or not really depends on how much you’ll be saving per month. Do you have solid recommendations on your new host? I’d hate to go through all that effort only to find myself disappointed with the new host and having to do it all over again after a short time.

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