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Question by asianxboy03: Web Host Question?
1) Whats the different between Hosting Plan and Server Plan, “Ex. Godaddy.com” Hosting Plan, Vitual Server, and Dedicated Server?

2) Why would someone pay 79.99 when you can pay 14.99 for something similar and cheaper? Ex.
a – Godaddy Premium Plan (Regular) $ 14.99/mo for 200GB Space & 2000GB bandwidth.
b – Godaddy Preconfigured Deluxe (Dedicated) $ 79.99/mo 2×120 GB Space & 500GB bandwidth

3) The highest bandwidth offered from a web host I saw goes up to 3600GB. I know that Youtube, Megaupload, and Rapidshare use more bandwidth then that, but where and how do they get it?
If I were to host videos like youtube where would i get the bandwidth from. Do I put servers or host together? If so how would I do that?

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Answer by Valhalla
A server plan is where a client leases you a whole server for yourself, in a hosting plan you have to share the server with other clients, that is why you have a limited bandwidth. Youtube and other sites alike have a server plan or they own their own server(s) which means they can store much more information. I don’t use Godaddy so I couldn’t tell you EXACTLY why the two plans have different prices, but I imagine the preconfigured deluxe has much more features that go along with the plan.

I’m not sure, you’d have to ask an IT guy, or someone who knows more about networking/web hosting.

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Question by Yummy Mummy: Which web host & package would suit me?
I am opening up an e-commerce store, I already own my own domain name and pop-3 account. A friend has been designing my site through html and using freewebs to host it, but now i have realized that i cant get ftp access on this without paying for what i dont want.

I want a simple web hosting package suitable for a small e-commerce site, with no advertisement and with html editing and ftp access available…. Who do you recommend I go with? (the cheapest deal possible would be great lol)

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Answer by johny
godaddy.com got good deals , i use go daddy for my web hosting

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