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Question by cclarity: web hosting?
what is the best but cheapest way to buy a domain and get it a server? This website will be used by a lot of people, so I want the server to have a lot of capacity but it is for a non-profit organization so it needs to be relatively inexpensive. any suggestions?

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Answer by megasparks0101
look into 1and1.com or godaddy.com

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Question by : What is the best web hosting package that you have used?
I would prefer one that is cheap with good support. My budget is less than $ 10 per month.

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Answer by yesctyr
Make sure they don’t run PHP in safe mode – most do. Most have old version of ASP even if they claim otherwise. I would turn my laptop or desktop into a server and get a dedicated IP. After you run your own server you realize how crappy they all are.

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