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Question by : Web Hosting? Domain Transfer?
Okay, I’ve asked this question once before.. But never got a straight answer. Just websites, and more websites…

So… I purchased a Domain (www.yourname.com) from godaddy.com
Now.. I need hosting right?
Okay. Well i’m trying to find a FREE or cheap ($ 10 or less/a month) webhosting. That will allow me to keep my (www.yourname.com) without any subdomain.

Can I do that? If so what are the sites?

Thank you soooooo much in advance! I’ve had a registered domain for the longest, but can’t set up a site, and its soo frustrating. Thanks again.

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Answer by steventsujisaka
To clarify, you want to transfer your domain. Correct? If so, just look for a new site such as Yahoo! or Network Solutions. Go to the homepage and sign up to transfer the domain.

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