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Question by : Web Hosting? Domain Transfer?
Okay, I’ve asked this question once before.. But never got a straight answer. Just websites, and more websites…

So… I purchased a Domain (www.yourname.com) from godaddy.com
Now.. I need hosting right?
Okay. Well i’m trying to find a FREE or cheap ($ 10 or less/a month) webhosting. That will allow me to keep my (www.yourname.com) without any subdomain.

Can I do that? If so what are the sites?

Thank you soooooo much in advance! I’ve had a registered domain for the longest, but can’t set up a site, and its soo frustrating. Thanks again.

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Answer by steventsujisaka
To clarify, you want to transfer your domain. Correct? If so, just look for a new site such as Yahoo! or Network Solutions. Go to the homepage and sign up to transfer the domain.

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Question by novelgal90210: How do I get traffic to my website on the net for free or very cheap?
I sell candles, oils, oil burners and other fragrant items. I am also about to sell fun costume jewerly. I signed up with a web hosting compy and it’s great for designing a web site, but as far as putting you in search engines – not so great.

Could anyone tell be the best way to get my site in the tip search engines or just plain advertise on the net on the cheao (preferable free).



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Answer by Smiley
Hi Stephanie,
I can tell you an excellent way but you’ll need to email me as I’m not allowed to post the link here.

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