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Question by DS3011: Web Hosting in Fife?
I have to try and create a small website for a friends business and the hosting has to be in Fife, I need a cheap starter package and I was wondering if anybody could give me some good business URLs for them.



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Answer by STFusionFire
That’s a town?
Why does it have to be there?
It doesn’t matter where you are living, you can get hosting from anywhere.

They are some free hosts.

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Question by :]: What is the best web hosting site?
I need something cheap – less than $ 10/month even after the one or two year promo periods.

It’s for a personal website + blog / video blog. Because of the videos, I’d prefer something with unlimited bandwidth and storage. I know that many sites offer these for a low price, but which loads reasonably quickly and offers good customer support?

What do you think is the best web hosting site?

I’m seriously considering iPage, but I hear that they run slowly with WordPress. In terms of design, I generally know my way around HTML and CSS, but it would be better if I can just get a point and click site builder.

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Answer by Colanth
GoDaddy – less than $ 5/month with no promo. (There are sometimes 10% off coupons on coupon sites.)

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