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Question by Sara: Web Hosting Question?
I have a domain name registered but am looking for a good site to host; preferably free without ads, or at least cheap. I need suggestions on good web hosting companies because there are so many and I’m not sure where to start. Thanks

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Answer by acetolyne
domain.com is cheap and very reliable
goto http://www.domain.com
enter Hak5 as a discount code to get it cheaper

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Question by Ian S: Cheap VPS Hosting — less than a month?
I need VPS hosting for a small c++ app I made. I NEED at least 5Gb of storage for all of my files and apt-get programs, but if it isn’t the Ubuntu OS, I will need at least 7GB — If possible, i’d like more..
At least 256MB RAM is needed, and a nice burst is always nice.

It requires root access to install certain software so plain web-hosting isn’t good enough (I have tried dreamhost already and got library errors when running it)

Does anyone know any VERY cheap ones??

I have been looking at SWVPS’s LVPS-1 package;
10GB disk space,
OpenVZ & HyperVM,
250GB bandwidth/traffic per month,
Instant self-reboots,
400Mb RAM (600Mb burstable),
2 free IPs,
Plesk 8 (1 domain) or WebMin control panel

Yearly price ($ 99.99) — As I say, it’s one small program I need, and I don’t want to pay for what I won’t use often.. I host it myself now but that needs to change

If you know any discount codes (not sure if yahoo let you post em, haven’t checked the T&Cs for a while), or any other CHEAP VPS hosting company, please let me know.

I look forward to your replies,
As I say, http://swvps.com is good for value, I just wanted to see if anyoneciuld beat it

A coupon code would be nice but no site on the Internet is willing to give them away
to be honest, I may be getting greedy with this: 23p a day with swvps for uk hosting is amazing… I’ll just go with them

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Answer by Mark R
When it comes to VPS, you get what you pay for. For the price you are looking for you will be lucky to get more than 64MB RAM. I’ve looked into VPS and VDS hosting and so far not seen anything I’m willing to pay for.

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Question by Bubbles: Html website i need help…?
I am making a family website and i just want my family to be able to access it how can i make a website that i control who has access or not like it would be cool for them to have their own login information that they chose but i dont want others to be able to have any access. Does that make sence.

also im trying to find a good cheap web hosting site please help me out

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Answer by Germann A
Google “free we hosting” and it will give you a lot of options.

To allow access to any chosen group of people the best way would be to email them each a unique link to your site’s registration page with their own unique identifier that will be checked by your registration page and will only allow them to register if this unique identifier is correct. Once they register they may have access to the site and this particular unique identifier should be disabled.

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