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Question by : Web Hosting Site for me?
I am look for to buy a web hosting,,, where is the best group?
i want …
1- Must be cheap.
2- Minimum 2 or 3 websites
3- Storage more than 100 GB
i am making a web portal which amount 50 staffs are login to the portal and read, write information from the database.
what is the best choice for me

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Answer by vipin cp


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Question by : Where can I find a free Web Host for dreamweaver websites?
I am thinking of making my own PERSONAL Website in Dreamweaver and uploading it to the Internet, but is there any where I can find a Free Web Host?
If not, which is the cheapest one?

Thanks for any help.

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Answer by Vito M
http://000webhost.com is free, there alright but there slowish.
http://Ipage.com $ 3.50 a month great service never had a problem.
http://Godaddy.com Largest web host prices vary, very reasonable, I only use them for domain registration.
There are many free webhosts that provide a okay service, although if you plan on having alot of people going to the site, go for paid hosting, if its a small personal website go for free hosting.

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Question by TumbleTim: Web Hosting – What do I need?
I bought a domain name and am almost ready to put up my own web site. I need someplace to host that will:

1. Be super, super cheap.
2. Allow me to use Google Adsense (I doubt I’ll make any real money, but why not try?)
3. I need only about 10 megs of space forthe whole site.
4. No idea how much bandwidth I need. (What do you recommend…. I’d like to dream think my site will get busy, but I’m sure it’ll be slow at first.)
5. Easy to upload my pages with ftp program on my mac.
6. Tech support (phone) is a major plus.

Any recommendations? I don’t have a lot of money and don’t want to be ripped off. Thank you.

I do check back for answers. Thanks in advance to any and all people who reply.

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Answer by dwightl.geo
$ 2.95 a month. http://www.hostmysite.com/

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Question by That’s what she said: web hosting – for just a single page?
Hey…So my friends asked me to make a website for their band…and I want to get them their own domain (i will put it on my hosting site if needed)…and i was wondering if there is a way to register a domain, and host it on like…a CHEAP server…? (excuse my bad terminology :P)

they are only gona have a couple php files, a couple songs and some images…so i dont think they need to be spending 100$ per year for a webspace with like unlimited space and all those bells and whistles…

is there anything like this?

hmm..with the foreverfree site, will they like have their logo and stuff all over it? or will i have COMPLETE control over what it looks like?

they will get more than 5 hits per month 😛

ps…it doesnt have to be FREE … just not 100$ /year lol

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Answer by Poopoo
Host it here for free. http://foreverfree.0lx.net
Php/mysql, it’s free hosting but they can do loads with it and point their domain to it. As long as they get 5 visits a month,it’s theres forever. (0lx have been running for 5 years now, one of the only consistent free hosts.)

Hi there, you’ll be surprised. Their hosting is almost as good as paid hosting, and has been acclaimed as better than by independent sources. You’ve got complete control with no ads, however when you log into your hosting control panel, then you’ll get ads. No big deal. As long as you keep it legal and decent and honest (their terms and conditions spell it out better) you’re not going to have any problems. It doesn’t use cpanel but does use an easy to use net2ftp programme, i think you get 4 or more sub domains, add on domains, parked domains, 4 or more mysql databases, no forums to post to, no fees, it’s impressive. Use your own domain name or an add on. (i.e your first account will be whatever user name you chose .0lx.net, so for example www.yoursite.0lx.net.
All other domains, subs etc can be yours. Try it, you’ve got nothing to lose! Oh yes and the support system is brill and friendly!

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