{article} web hosting, who is the cheapest?]

Question by SC: web hosting, who is the cheapest?
how much is it?

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Answer by DEMOCRAT
free web hosting (some domains) at co.cc
theres a link to awardspace (basic program is free) when you sign up

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Question by Sikander Saleem: web hosting services in Delhi?
I need a domain and web hosting. is there any company where i can buy at cheap rates

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Answer by Lauren Green
Hello Sikander,

You could use GoDaddy.com as they offer both web hosting and domain name registration.


If you need any help with logo or website design, you could also check out this professional logo design company that offers 100% satisfaction guarantee on their work. If you’re unhappy with their work, they will offer you a full refund so it’s risk-free.


Hope this helps.


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