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Question by cmedrano19: Web Hosting/Design for Birth Announcement Business?
I have a small birth announcement business I advertise on myspace and craigslist since it’s free but I’d like to create a website. How do I get a website for cheap? and that they have already nice designs or templates. I have no idea where to begin! I would like to pay no more than $ 10 a month.

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Answer by Cool Guy
You can get web hosting for $ 10/month or less at Hostamina.com – they also provide web design services or free web templates. Just send them an email and they will hook you up with whatever you need!

You should avoid hosts that offer “unlimited” space/bandwidth as this is somewhat of a scam. You should also avoid hosts that offer ridiculous amounts of space/bandwidth, such as 10GB space for only $ 5/month. Hosts like this overload and oversell servers, and are bad news for anyone who wants reliability.

You should also avoid answers here that send you to review sites, as those sites make money off commissions and rank hosts based on how much money they’ll get paid, not on how good they are. You should avoid answers here that look like they are affiliate links as well, for the same reason.

Hostamina.com is exactly what you need. Support is great! They will help you set up your website, and they will provide you with any help you need. Note that I am not using an affiliate link or sending you to a review site.


-They provide awesome personalized support
-They know how to handle all your business needs
-They never oversell
-They never overload servers
-They offer realistic plans
-You actually get what they say you get
-There is no fake “unlimited” space or bandwidth
-There is no fake “50,000 GB” space or bandwidth
-They will help you with anything you need help with
-They will put you on a super fast server
-Every server has at least dual quad core processors
-Every server has at least 4GB of RAM
-Every server has strict account limitations
-Most companies average 300 accounts per server
-Hostamina averages 100 accounts per server
-Instant Shopping Carts, Blogs, Forums, PHP-Nuke, Joomla, and more!

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Question by teleencuestas: Question about yahoo web hosting plans!?
Hi I wan to make a web for my cakes, but I want a cheap offer so I see the starter plan on yahoo but i see on aqhost.com the starter package too and I can put the paypal button soo people can buy thru paypal.

Somebody knows if yahoo starter pack let users to sell thru paypal?? thanks!

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Answer by WebGuy
Yes, I’m sure their starter plan allows that. All that requires from the website perspective is a form that people will submit and take them to paypal so there shouldn’t be a problem with that if they are already letting you upload pages.

On another note, why don’t you take a look at http://www.GotHosting.org as it provides cpanel and a whole suite of free scripts for you to use like zen cart, wordpress etc. Your site could be up quickly and adding a paypal button would be quite simple. Their support is on hand to help you at any step of the way. Business package is cheaper as well ($ 6.99 per month). Or if you’d like to sign up for a year (30 day money back guarantee) you can get it for $ 2.50 per month at http://www.GotHosting.org/special_deal.php.

Hope that helps either way.

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Question by : Good Web Hosting Sites? + 10 Points!?
I don’t have a lot of coding experience with websites, but i’d like to create a domain and have it hosted.I had a look at the bluehost.com web hosting service, but they charge 80$ / yr. Is this cheap or can i get a better deal for a little bit cheaper?

Thanks for any help you can give me, + 10 points for best answer

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Question by Brave Heart: Should I host my website locally or choose hosting company?
I have signed to company to host my website. But after testing and checking i found it very slow and so much pain.so i canceled my plan with them.

Now I am thinking about cheap and reliable web host company.
but the problem is now the speed of these host which is slow. because they have many users. I was thinking to purchase out of USA in a Countries where they have highest internet connection speed like Japan,Sweden but it seem to be expensive than US based company.

Please advise me now. I have Server at home which is IBM x3400 series and very powerful and my internet connection speed is
100/10 on fiber and of course my server NIC is Gigabyte . i get 6mb while i download and my upload goes to 1.2mbps.

Is this speed is enough for a website for Video stream or a web sites like this http://www.mysmartshopper.com.au/

Please advise me


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Answer by Ciprian

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