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Question by Attention Seeker: Webhosting?
What is a cheap web-hosting website which charges monthly rather than annualy.

I currently use hostgator for $ 7.95 a month, is there anything cheaper available?
I have 6gb space
Unlimited subdomains&add-on domains&emails&ftp accounts.

1&1 is not monthly you have to pay for a minimum of 2 years, for the price of 1 month.

Best answer:

Answer by Maniac
1and1 (www.1and1.com) has pretty good prices and awesome support. I’ve used them for years now and I’ve never had a problem. Basic webhosting with 120GB of webspace and 2 domain names provided (you do not have to buy domain names separately, they provide two for you) is $ 4.99 a month if I don’t recall.

I’m sure other websites like GoDaddy offer similar deals and good prices, but I’ve never had problems with 1and1.

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