{article} Were can i get free website hosting?]

Question by colmar996: Were can i get free website hosting?
Had my business open for about 3 now all doing good and am after taken it on the web so were can i find free hosting and a cheap .net domain thanks

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Answer by Ron
.net domains are not free so free hosting for one can’t be done. Might check first link and see if they have one…

Hosting Info:

Free dns services to the internet community: http://www.everydns.com/
Web Hosting Jury: http://www.webhostingjury.com/


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Question by imvs07: Need a Clever domain for my website?
Hello, I need help thinking of a damain for future web hosting website. Its going to have No Limits and kind of cheap, any ideas?

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Answer by Exordium

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Question by Shy: Need website for reviews?
I would like to create a website to post reviews of other websites and products. What web hosting service should I use to create a quick, easy and cheap website?

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Answer by minervamark002
i could create a cheap website for you.

123-reg.co.uk are good.

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