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Question by dubz_79345: What are the cheapest hosting sites in japan?
Which japanese sites are the cheapest for web hosting?

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Answer by marcd54321
The best host GUARANTEED is 1 & 1. They are SO professional and cheap! As low as $ 3.99 a month with a free domain! Plus you get a secured web domain and hosting service which means no one can use a WHOIS lookup and find your address through ownership of the site. Most other companies (INCLUDING the major ones like GoDaddy and Yahoo CHARGE YOU for this). You also get at least a $ 25 gift certificate for 4 different site promotion websites such as Google AdWords! Amazing!

Go here and look for yourself!

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Question by : Can somebody tell me what I need to set up a good, cheap web surver?
I want to set up a web hosting business. I have no idea what servers and stuff i need. I also need to know how to set one up. I am probably going to use a reseller account, but i would still like to know how to set one up. I also would like to know about cooling, power options, firewalls (don’t know what this is), back up, and virus protection. Can somebody give suggestion on hardware, and where from.



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Answer by Mollie Bevan
No, in the first place you better not prefer yourself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you best actually undergo with it once it has been selected

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