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Question by : What is the best Domain registration / Web Hosting?
I am looking to create a website that I can use for experimenting with code, and later for coding tutorials or maybe even a forum. I need a service like GoDaddy.com but I am just trying to find the cheapest one with the best service and possibly one that will help you put the html or php together because I need to focus on Java right now not those two languages. If something like that doesn’t exist I’m thinking of maybe one where you can have multiple accounts because I have friends who are great with web design.
Also, what would be a good domain name for the type of website I’m building?

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Answer by N K
For domain registration and your domain Security:


name.com have a webhosting service. you can try that!

Good Luck!

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Question by ahmadbanat333: Who are the best 3 web hosting companies? they also must support, ASP.NET, WAP and infinitie web domains host?
The cheaper it is and well reputed the better. Please provide me with an answer for that.

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Question by Shipu Singh: I want to register a domain for my website.Can anyon suggest the cheapest domain registration website?
I m new in internet world.I don’t know about web-designing or how to make website.So I want full features in the website hosting.
Can anyone suggest the site where i can register a domain For cheapest cost..And can get web hosting. I am in India. And I have no Credit Card.
Plese Help Me.

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Answer by Liu
i’d recommend Hostgator for it is more reliable than others.
after running with hostgator for a few months and had zero downtime and the forum and blog and email have been very fast. We’re sure that hostgator is very fast and stable web hosting provider.
Hope this helps

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Question by daydreamer: What web host should I use for a small business website?
I’m creating a website for my dad’s small business that sells athletic equipment (like gym mats and stuff). I’m really new to this whole website stuff, but I know some html. Any recommendations for a web host?? (I’m looking for something simple, dependable, and on the cheaper side)

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Answer by Yoi_55
Go to http://www.pagewaiter.com
That’s who I have mine through ( http://www.yoico.com ) and they are very cheap (starting at $ 20/year). Plus, they use CPanel so you can customize it to your liking and also install shopping carts, customer service programs, etc. very easily.

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