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Question by : What is the best web hosting?
Basicly , i need a good cheap , fast website hosting service?
I did of course search google just maybe you people might have other ideas xD

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Answer by Colin
I strongly strongly recommend http://www.000webhost.com. This company offers free and pay webhosting for low prices and great options. If you chose the free webhost it is still adfree and comes with an awesome control panel, SQL, PHP, and free email accounts.
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Question by M W: Cheap Business Web Host?
Anyone know a good place that offers ftp storage and hosting?

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Answer by brandynx
I use MidPhase.


I use the $ 7.95 plan and have had no problems, awesome support.

I’m sure there are also cheaper alternatives, but if you are looking for something with good quality and cheap I would highly recommend them.

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