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Question by Amphitrite: What is the best web hosting website?
Here are some things I am looking for:

1. Kind of cheap. I am looking for…less than 100 dollars a year, but if that’s pushing things, forget it.

2. A place where you are allowed to let people join your site. Don’t need this, but if you see a site that is NOT webs.com that has this feature, please note it.

3. User friendly. I would like something pretty easy to use.

4. A good amount of space.

5. Optional, but if you see a site that has this, note it. An email for the domain. And not one that costs a lot of money. Maybe one that is included?

Anyway, thank you in advance, and please note not to suggest webs.com. I know that site.

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Answer by Eva
I use hostgator.com it’s cheap enough and I think it’ll meant the other qualifications you mentioned

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Question by sharkhead7854: The best web hosting services?
Obviously, like everyone else, I’m looking for something cheap but good quality. My site is:
A drawing site, dedicated to helping others draw and having a community where others can share their work. It will contain videos and a forum and all that good stuff. I have a site setup but it’s a free dinky one and it’s time to upgrade.
I cannot stress enough that it needs to be cheap, so even if it’s a good deal I can’t take expensive ones.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
To adress the first question, no lol I don’t mean $ ! a month I was looking more toward $ 5 or $ 6 a month as opposed to people telling me to go with a site that cost over $ 9 a month.

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Answer by Jacob L
it depends on what you mean by cheap. By cheap do you mean $ 1 per month or something around $ 5 per month.

I recommend staying away from extremely cheap web hosting because you might not get great uptime and support.

I personally recommend going with chime host for $ 4.95 per month and comes with unlim space and bandwidth


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Question by Colin B: Server for FTP, Mail, and Web-hosting?
I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for a server that will handle around 2TB of FTP storage for 80-100 people (already have hard-drives), can handle email for 80-100 people, handle 10 listserves, host a website (nothing to extreme just wordpress and less than 1000 hits a month). I’m looking for a server that is cheap in the long run (3-5 years). I have no issue making something myself. Also, I do not need to buy any Operation System, CD/DVD Drive, Mouse, Keyboard….etc.

Budget is around 600. And form factor is not an issue, just yearly power costs.

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Answer by polants
Probably GoDaddy. They normally the cheapest. Just remember to include a discount code. You can get about 25% off all purchases

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