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Question by Glen F: What is the best web metrics hosted solution?
I’m looking for a hosted solution (opposed to installing software) that is easy to use, is robust, really accurate and has good support. Doesn’t need to be cheap. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I’m looking for web metrics, not web hosting. Just a web metrics provider (not full solution website host) eg. WebTrends vs. NetTracker vs. WebSideStory, etc.

But thanks for the tips.

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Answer by Yorch Mtz
This link is so useful and excellent help, with complete and good reports.


Incluide info about more and different internet business. I like it!

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Question by : hosting my website with ntlworld?
I have made a simple html website on my computer. my internet provider is ntlworld. do they offer web hosting space for me to put it onto the internet? someone sed u can pay for something like 5mb of server space from them. is this true? If yes, how much is it? Also, will the server be stored on my computer or at ntlworld because on the for sale page, i regularly need to upate this. thanks. if not, where can i get cheap webhosting space , thanks?

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Answer by Laurence
Contact NTL to find out if you get web hosting space. It’s quite normal that your internet provider will give you a small amount of web space to use. They will also give you the FTP address, username, and password for this.

The down-side to this is that you will not have a proper domain name. Instead, you’ll have something like http://mysite.ntlworld.com or something like that. Proper web space would allow you to use a proper domain name for your website.

Once you have your web design finished, you upload all of the files via FTP to the web space. The copy on your machine cannot be seen by anyone, but the copy on NTL’s server will be publicly viewable. When you want to update a page, just update it on your PC, and then upload it to the web again.

You essentially have 2 copies of the website – one on your machine, and one on the web. Only the web copy can be seen by anyone else though.

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Question by aprilandroland: Making money using a free web host?
Since I am new to making websites, but I have some ideas, I would like to start out with a free web host and see how I do.

My question is, is it possible to make money using a free site?
I want to do something like basic membership and VIP membership. Is that possible?

I would definitely be willing to pay for a web host in the future, I just want to get a handle on all this first. If I have to I will start out with a cheap site, like $ 5-10/year, which I have seen.

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Answer by majinarena

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