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Question by swami: What is the easiest way to setup an online photo album of pictures?
My friends just had a baby. They own their own web domain but have not setup any hosting. They are also not very computer-savvy. All they want is a simple photo album where they can upload the baby pictures and friends/family around the world can look at them and even download them. Password protection would be nice but mainly it should be easy to do, not very time consuming and relatively cheap. Any suggestions for hosting sites, photo album software/programs, or anything else? Main thanks.

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Answer by proudMOMMYof2
www.photobucket.com www.blogspot.com or you can put it on your facebook page if you have one. You can always set them to private! 🙂

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Question by Srob: I need a Table Setting for 10-12 people on the cheap side.?
I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house for the first time, and I only have a place setting for 2, and Everywhere I look I can only find expensive table settings. I’d like to do it for a $ 100.00 or less if possible, but as its looking right know, Dixie holiday-ware is in my future. So please I need help. Web sites are best but if its a major store that works too.

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Answer by S.
Try Ikea, you can get a 6 person setting for 22$ .
If you can’t find something festive, you can always start with something neutral and make it festive by adding inexpensive chargers (10$ for 6 at Bed Bath and Beyond without coupon). I think you might even be able to paint them… but that is a whole other question lol.
Good Luck!

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Question by Georgi Himchev: How to monetize web proxy site?
Answers from competent people with experience needed !

A month ago I decided to try my skills to set up a web proxy. I had no intention of going serious about it I just wanted to go through the steps of building such a site and most of all researching possible hosting services and the expenses.

I managed quite well, and my web proxy is running at the moment – www.proxymoxy.com
I didn’t thought I could find such a cheap VPS and start my web proxy so easy, but here it is after 3 days of work. I’ve tried to find some ways to monetize it but all pay per click require some guaranteed impressions. Adsense is ok but I wont make more profit than my expenses until I have huge traffic.

So here is my quesiton: How can I monetize traffic to my web proxy. I don’t care about user experience. I could use pop ups, pop unders, i-frames… whatever. I just want to start earning some cash ASAP.

I have a lot of other expenses and I need to know if I can get a fast cash flow on my web proxy. I don’t need to make bucket loads of cash, I just need to be flat – 20$ income a month will be ok.

Please give me some advice on how to convert this. I don’t have any experience with PPC – pay per click. I’ve been successful at few affiliate campaigns and I need to know that too.

If you are interested in buying my proxy or working on it for a cut, drop me a msg.

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Answer by H Tino
CPA gateway which require visitors to fill in short email/zip code submits.

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Question by Heather B: What websites host files free?
I’m looking for a website or websites to allow me to host my files for free. Basically because, I am creating a website on the cheap and web space seems to be very expensive when it comes with the domain host. Dropbox offers free file hosting but it seems a bit slow to open from a browser and is limited. I am not very worried about limits as I doubt my website will grow that big but quicker downloads would be better. photobucket and flickr host images, so that will be fine but I need to host other formats as well.

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Answer by atul
go to


or send mail to [email protected] for more detalis.

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