{article} What web hosting service offers the most storage and bandwidth for the cheapest price?]

Question by Aaron A: What web hosting service offers the most storage and bandwidth for the cheapest price?
I need something that is reliable fast and cheap! Any suggestions?

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Answer by Tim
Personally, I like ReadyHosting. It’s super reliable.

Recently, I found another one that looks prettry good and it’s cheap! Haven’t used it yet so I can’t recommend it personally. It’s called AIMCheap. Here’s the details:

AIMCheap ReadyHosting
Web Space: 1 GB 1 GB
Monthly Transfer Rate: 100 GB 200 GB
Web Control Panel: Yes Yes
Addon-Domains: No Yes
Sub-Domains: 1 Unlimited
Web-Based Email: Yes Yes
Pop3/IMAP Accounts: 1 Unlimited
Server Side Include (SSI): Yes Yes
Secure Server (SSL): Yes Yes
Backup/Restore: Yes Yes
Web Logs & Reports: Yes Yes
FTP Accounts: Unlimited Unlimited
Frontpage 2002: Yes Yes
Your User’s Control Panel: Yes Yes
Perl, CGI: Yes Yes
PHP4.2.1: Yes Yes
MySQL Database: 1 Unlimited
phpMyAdmin: Yes Yes
Directory Protection: Yes Yes
Mailing List: Unlimited Unlimited
FTP Log Analyzer: Yes Yes
SMTP Server: Yes Yes
Monthly Cost $ 0.99 $ 8.25( $ 99 per year includes domain name registration)



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