{article} What web hosting service offers the most storage space and bandwidth for the cheapest price?]

Question by Aaron A: What web hosting service offers the most storage space and bandwidth for the cheapest price?

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Answer by merlin_chucky2003
we have made a website with bravenet there pretty good our website is up and running now and it was very resonable its an american site but i live in uk and we still paid for it fin think it was something like £42 but its worth it cheapest i found

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Question by : What is the best web hosting online=?
Hi you guys 🙂 I created this profile to ask you all (because I like the answers I’ve seen from answers.yahoo.com).

Which is the best online hosting?

I would like it to be cheap and easy too!

I want to create a site for my spare timee hobby-company. I would like it to be .com 🙂

Any good ideas?

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Answer by pimpskyline16
Godaddy.com 🙂


Proboards.com if you want a forum 🙂

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Question by zchellyz: v6friendship.org YM chatter have 300gig space? is it true one can host 300gig??? its more than my hard drive.?
its alot of space. I’m not very sure how a hosting company can provide such a very huge hosting space. chatters said there website is hosted 300gig for the website and pictures but I cannot confirm if its true. Top web developer web designers and web design company and firm will surely host in that server if they will have alot of space. very cheap web hosting and affordable ? I like the idea and if its relieble and 100% uptime. They say its top webhosting and it is top on top webhost / webhosting reviews. here is the site v6friendship.org Anyone who need web hosting please help me review and find out if its true. Thank you.

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Answer by Chris D
Overselling works at attracting first-time customers. There are lots of first-time customers out there, so hosts who oversell naturally have an advantage at attracting these types of customers.

So, in the short-term, overselling is a great business strategy. Long-time its not a bad strategy either, IF you can keep those first-time customers.

The trouble is that its very hard for oversold hosts to retain customers long term because overselling eventually leads to overloading, which leads to lots of upset customers.

NOT overselling is more likely to attract customers who’ve been burned by oversellers, who are knowledgeable and serious, and want a host with whom they can actually feel safe. These types of customers make up a smaller segment, however, so its only natural that hosts who don’t oversell as much are smaller.

The advantage to NOT overselling is that, frankly, its so much easier from the perspective of a host. You don’t have to worry about servers getting overloaded, you have a much more loyal customer base, you are more likely to get referrals, you have fewer support requests, and overall, a lot less stress. These benefits trickle down to customers as well.

Also many the hosting reviews sites and top hosters are there because they pay to be just go to the review sites click on advertising see for your self or they just affiliate links and google adsense links crazy but true.

many unlimited space badwidth hosts also will kick you off if you are using too much cpu resources etc.

My host ain’t the cheapest but I know I’m getting what I pay for with http://jm-webhosting.com great speed and support

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