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Question by Oamey: What web hosting service would you recommend?
I don’t feel like I can trust most of the review sites out there, because their top ranked plans are generally completely different, and their reviews of the same services can be polar opposites (leading me to question their integrity). I’m looking to spend no more than $ 10/month of a cheaper plan. I need PHP5, MySQL databases, email, an included domain, and a script installer. I’m not really into “unlimited” bandwidth/storage at a flat rate fee, because I know if your site expanded substantially, they would cancel your account for using too much resources, so I would like clearly defined limits on the resources which are available to me. Also, It would be great if I could find a reputable host that offers plans which I can upgrade too at a later date, so if the site is consuming too many resources I can upgrade, and know my site won’t get shut down.

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Answer by VarnesComputers

I have used them for years, and have been overall very happy with their services. The standard business plan is 5 to 10 bucks a month, and covers all of your needs.

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Question by coolijive: Why should I buy Yahoo Business Mail if it takes three hours for customer service to answer the phone?!?
Why can’t Yahoo manage their customer service calls? Do they not have a call center? Can they not outsource? Other web hosting solutions are cheaper and provide better service. someone better pick up soon or g-mail here I come.

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Answer by Lil Annie
Wow. did it really take hours? I wouldn’t have the patience to wait 30 minutes! I’d probably go with another business e-mail provider. Hopefully they’ll have a phone. 🙂

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Question by russoisdead: I’ve been looking to use Streamline.net as my web hosting server.?
The cheapest version is about £13.99 a year. You get a free Domain Name Registration, free Domain Name Transfer, £25 free Google ADWords Voucher (what does this mean?) and there is no set up fee. It doesn’t say anything about bandwidth or space.

Could anybody have a look at it and tell me whether it’s worth the price and give me a detailed description (in English!!!) of what I get? I’m very new to all of this and don’t really know what I’m supposed to be looking for.

Also, do I really need Password Protection (£15 extra a year) or any of the other extra features?

I would appreciate any help.

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Answer by hfdsguy
see the sorce below, they will have all the answers
try them they are terrific,
they are computer pro’s

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Question by kate m: Confused about Web host?
Im looking for a very first web host.
Went through lots of reviews and asked some people about their host but still cant make my mind.

My final hosts are ; Cove, Dreamhost, Justhost, Bluehost
Anybody use/used them before? Can you give me a opinions of them.

My purpose for the website is presenting my portfolio.
Flash and video is included it.
I think 3 or 4 G are good
Affordable.. that is… under $ 100 a year.. for me

I dont know what to go for.. some are expensive but people are saying because im beginner, go for cheap ones and i can change later.
But other people are saying, dont for cheap ones, if you are stuck, you wouldnt know what to do and the cheap host wont provide you slow support.
I’m really stuck.. Please help! anybody who used above listed host, tell me your opinion.

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Answer by Yue D
go for the medium price one, the most affordable and best one you think

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