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Question by um yea hi: What web hosts are reliable?
The only one I know of is godaddy.com, but I was wondering what other reliable hosts are out there. I know how to do html coding, so I can build the site on my own, I just need a host. I am looking for something cheap and reliable.

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Answer by Pramod Gupta
i know you have not heard of it yet… But NING is most reliable in website hosting… They have package which are very good… Just go and search ning… You can also try earthlink… Google it… And choose it as best answer

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Question by : Can I buy hosting on its own, and how cheap can I get it?
Hi, sorry I’m a COMPLETE newbie in this area. Any simple explanations or links from people more experienced than me are appreciated.

* I have a domain name (with www.123-reg.co.uk)
* I’ve made a simple web-page on iWeb for Mac
* I don’t have a Mobile Me account and don’t want to pay the annual subscription for one

Can I buy web space, and host my site there, using the domain name I’ve bought?
If so, how? (Simple instructions would be a great help)
I want to do it for as cheaply as possible! (I’m in the UK, if it makes a difference)


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Answer by spmallare
Your Web site should be more than just a Web site. It should get found and build free, targeted traffic, your traffic. If you don’t own your traffic, you don’t own a business online.

In short, your Web site should drive business. Most Web sites merely exist. They don’t generate income. To be blunt, they fail.

–> There is no need to worry about all the technical specifics of Web hosting companies. They are all uniformly excellent these days.

Don’t fall for “cheap, quick, easy.” Success takes work. The key is to focus 100% upon your business, instead of wasting 95 out of every 100 hours upon technical issues (HTML, CGI, FTP, SEO, etc.).


Through a Web hosting package that provides a proven process and a tech-free, complete set of site-brainstorming-building-hosting-and-marketing tools. A combination that delivers thriving, profitable businesses.

Only one Web hosting provider does that. SiteSell.com offers you Site Build It! (“SBI!”), Web hosting that works. And the proof, as they say, is in the pudding…

Look for track records of success as you investigate where to host your Web site. As you scour possible providers, the best you will ever find is a few well-chosen testimonials.

Compare their proof (if any) to SBI!’s documented, verifiable proof. One example… 62% of SBI! sites end up in the top 3% of ALL Web sites on the Net…

For more info, visit this web site:


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Question by Davyfan: A FREE web host with no ads, great space and not so big subdomain names?
I’m looking for a FREE web host for a friend. Even there are some cheap ones I’m looking for a totally Free one. With the most descent subdomain name cause there are some that are like: www. freesitesanddomainstopp100. hostfree. yourname.com, so something a liittle smaller would be nice. With no ads and in general the best service. It’s for a person that’s making his first site, but knows about HTML, so this site should permit HTML design and has a lot of pictures and info.

Thanks a lot

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Answer by Jiakasuma
Hmmm….try freewebs.com or geocities.com

geocities has ads if you get the free one but you can remove them with html

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