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Question by vlado.tesanovic: What you think about your Hosting provider?
I use 1and1 hosting provider. They are great for now. And most better of all: they are cheap!!!

I also compile web hosting review sites, so you can easily pick one if you already dont have hosting provider: www.review-web-hosting.com

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Answer by kelly h
I got 1 year, advantage package for $ 10 (yes, $ 10 for the entire YEAR) after using code MAX2 during checkout.
Can’t beat THAT price!
They allow FTP upload which is great, but
if you need their web interface (to create forwards, etc)
good luck, slow, clunkey, nasty, often timeouts!
but, heck, for $ 10, who cares!
(I just tried the code and it still works 12-10-2007 5pm)

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Question by fall: Does anyone know a good cheap website host that provides video streaming?
Hi, i need my own website, where i can put streaming videos on it, and other random things. Any suggestions? How might i go about getting one? Im willing to pay money, but any suggestions for cheap web hostings?

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Answer by muzikbizwiz
Most web hosting companies have the ability to provide video streaming at little or no cost. However, implementation and bandwidth are your moneygobblers.

Implementation is the “How” … How do you want to provide streaming? There are tons of solutions out there.
Bandwidth is “How much” … or rather, how many simultaneous stream do you think you will need? How many people will be watching your videos? How big or the videos?

My hosting company can be found at www.domaindango.com and there are plenty of other companies out there that can do this very reasonably.

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