{article} What’s the cheapest and most reliable web host if I just have a basic HTML website and a domain name?]

Question by johndeand: What’s the cheapest and most reliable web host if I just have a basic HTML website and a domain name?
i’ve started designing a basic html site on adobe dreamweaver and photoshop cs4, and i think i’m going to buy a domain name from namecheap.com or godaddy.com, but who should i use for webhosting? i need something inexpensive, BUT here’s the catch: i also need a LOT of server space because i’m making a site for my photography…. who’s the best host?

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Answer by irishtek
I went with “livin4” several years ago for hosting my cheap basic sites.

They have various cheap “mini plans”

You would be interested in mini04 – 100mb of disk space and 12,000mb of monthly bandwidth for $ 20/yr

I have never had an issue with anything I put on their servers.

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Question by sai kishore: please tell me how do i reach those organizations who will provide web space for hosting my own web site.?
previously i asked the following question that how do i get free web hosting and web space, and i got some answers mentioning that there is no such free hosting of your own web site. Of course there are some organizations that will provide free hosting and free web space but at the end of your domain name they will add their domain name i.e “www.mysite.theirsite.com’. so they told that in order to have a web sites of your own without their names at the end, one has to pay some money. so now what i am asking you people is “PLEASE TELL ME THOSE ORGANIZATIONS THAT WILL PROVIDE HOST NAMES AND WEB SPACE AND HOSTING FACILITIES FOR LOW COSTS ( i.e CHEAP RATES) so please inform me those who will charge low costs for hosting the web sites, and who will charge lesser money than any other organizations for registering the hostname to me. TELL ME SOME OF THOSE ORGANIZATIONS THAT WILL CHARGE LESSER MONEY.

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Answer by BeingMe
Put it in yahoo’s search engine. Find companies that relate to what you are doing. (ex if you are selling hamburgers, get with a soda company) They will help you and in exchange you are helping ther business grow.

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