{article} where can I buy web hosts that offers cheapest web hosting?]

Question by sk8erbhoy: where can I buy web hosts that offers cheapest web hosting?
I need to buy web hosting plan for my site. where can I find cheapest hosting plans in the net? can you recommend?

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Answer by Redlyn
you can visit this site http://hostoftheday.com

they offer coupon codes and promo codes that can be used to have discount up to 80% or Free Trial for a Month. I have used the coupon code of free trial for a month there which costs $ 25 and I got to avail them for FREE! =)

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Question by Jonathan: Looking for cheap web hosting services…?

I am looking for cheap web hosting services for roughly $ 8 per month that offers unlimited storage space and unlimited data transfer and I know this sounds like a lot to ask but I was told I could find one for around this price…

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Answer by here78465
See if you like this: http://www.1and1.com/?k_id=26483985

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Question by saif_old: I am looking for a decent, reliable and cheap web hosting provider, any suggestions ?

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Answer by podunksunshine
Netfirms is good and affordable

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