{article} Where can I find a cheap hosting site with these requirements?]

Question by s_wonderful.sue: Where can I find a cheap hosting site with these requirements?
I’m taking web design class and I need a hosting site and a domain name with these requirements:
* Linux-based;
* Server-side Includes (SSI) supported;
* PHP 5 or higher supported;
* 4 months in duration (the length of the semester and slightly beyond).

Thanks for your help!

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Answer by ajarem
very cheap, specially if not much bandwidth/storage is used (you only pay for what you use—very uncommon among hosting sites): nearlyfreespeech.net

to use SSI (from their FAQ https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/about/faq.php#CGISupport): “SSI (server-side includes) can be used by naming your files with a .shtml extension.”

PHP they defenitely support, altho they might give you php 4 by the default—it is very easy to change though.

Now, it might not be for you if you dont know how to upload files using SSH, but you can learn! =P

I am currently paying less than a dollar a month in my site andresjriofrio.com. ;D

EDIT: And no they are not Linux-based, but they use a very compatible operating system (they are both UNIX variants, compliant with POSIX—in other words most programs will work with both os’s), they use FreeBSD.

EDIT: and you can use their service for as long as you like; no commitments.

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