{article} Where can i find a cheap web host to host my store.?]

Question by francine t: Where can i find a cheap web host to host my store.?
I have purchased a web template and a dom ain name but not sure what to do next.

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Answer by Ben S
Depends on what you need if you need cPanel i’d say go to hostgator. but if you just need webhosting, hostmonster.com gives you :

UNLIMITED Hosting Space
UNLIMITED Site Bandwidth
Host UNLIMITED Domains
Unlimited Pop/Imap Email Accounts
SSH Access (Secure Shell)
SSL, FTP, Stats
CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MYSQL
Front Page Extensions
Free Domain Forever
Free Site Builder
Best Support in the Industry

also webhostingpad ($ 10 OFF with coupon code “b2evo” !).

just have a look here:

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Question by nickname: yahoo Geocities is closing and I need to make myself a new website, are there any free web hosts?
or super cheap web hosts for me to use. I don’t need an email account attached with the page and all i need is about 30 photos and 3 separate pages. Godaddy etc are min $ 5 per month, which is more than I want to spend because the page isn’t really that important.

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Answer by kermed
I’ve had good experiences with several places.

I would highly recommend:


Its add free, tons of space, lets you really get into the nitty gritty. But you will need to know how to create your own HTML (it won’t generate a webpage for you). Its very decent for someone with mid-level experience and looking for a nice location to store a webpage.

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