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Question by gay-pianist: Where can I find a cheap web hosting service?
That the pages are HOSTED ON THERE COMPUTERS AND SERVERS NOT MINE!!! THEY also have the domain servers and everything on THEIR COMPUTERS NOT MINE. I know SBI has this but that’s more than I want since I don’t want web traffic since it’s just a site for my readers of my book. What can I use?

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Answer by drma
try www.google.com

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Question by Not mentioned: What is the best and cheap domain and web hosting ?
My maximum budget is £10 a year and i am looking for a cheap web and domain hosting. It would be great if you could find me a great one i have heard of 50webs which is a free web hosting and with a combination of a domain it is going to be great therefore i would like you you to give me some suggestion.

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Um, well I don’t use anything that costs.

Wix.com and Weebly.com are my two favorites.

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Question by john764736: Can anyone suggest a cheap web hosting/Domain reg plan ?
Could you suggest a domain reg / web hosting /site building plan suitable for a small business which does not expect loads of traffic.The site is basically just a few pages of a ‘ Pricelist’ viewers will scroll through.

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Answer by A P
well if its such and easy job then use godaddy.com or gatorhost.com 🙂 good luck

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