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Question by xSophieSUICIDEx: Where can I find a good FREE web store hosting site?
I’ve been looking for a good website to sell my hand-made fashion jewelry. I tried Webs.com but, I can only upload up to 5 products with a free account. I tried OpenCart on x10.bz, and I can upload an unlimited amount of products & pictures, but I’m not able to customize the page without paying for a pre-made layout. I just want a good, free (or cheap!) website where I can host my store with an unlimited or bountiful amount of products and still be able to customize the background, colors,. logos, etc…

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Answer by RyanRyRy
freewebs,amazon,etsy then there’s bigcartel!
Very good ones.
Blue host is also good i hear.
Some of the levels like “preminum” is always quite expensive,go with the free one,everybody has a limit to what they put up BECAUSE storage is not free.
Even owning your computer storage is not free,these days we get over 5g on our computer i used to only get a few mb on my old crt computer.
Have fun.
Free webs and Blue host let you use actual html and css in -html mode-

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Question by Steve: Help setting up a Website please?

My girlfriend is setting up a small business and needs a website for it. I have a basic knowledge of web design and (stupidly) offered to set it up for her. I’m now feeling a little out of my depth and not sure if i’ll have the time or be able to take it on. This means a lot to her and i don’t want to let her down, so i’m asking you guys for help.

The company will be based in Ireland. She needs a cheap/free web host and domain name. I was wondering if a website building system would be the way to go, maybe something like Fatcow and WordPress? Advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.
Thanks a lot for your help guys you the best, I’ll check all that stuff out : )

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Answer by yipyap
Hi there Steve, I can help you with everything. Free hosting you can get here: http://foreverfree.0lx.net after signng up you will have access to your control panel so that you can upload files etc. You can also use another domain name after signing up if you wish, and can either pay for one or get a free one from http://www.co.cc You will then need to set up the domain name so that it points to the foreverfree servers.
Now, included with the free hosting, amongst other things is a web builder and a fantastico installer which enables you to install any of several different ready made forums, blogs etc.
Also, you can email me for any help or advice or put in a support ticket through the control panel log in.

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