{article} Where can I get a cheap web server?]

Question by hola: Where can I get a cheap web server?
I don’t want to pay for a companies services, I want to run my own web server. I want to learn this kind of stuff, and I have no idea where I can find a cheap, but working web server. I am going to install PHP and MySQL and some other stuff, can anyone help me?

Also, I don’t care about down time and anything like that, I want to try this on my own without a host. Thanks guys!!!

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Answer by Colanth
Read http://webdingers.com/wordpress/2009/07/creating-a-website/ That’s how. (The site itself ran on a “non-hosted” server for about 6 months – an old P4 running Apache, MySQL and PHP.)

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Question by emma: Web Hosting?
I registered a domain name for my company a few years ago, as an example www.greatsolutions.co.uk.

I want to be able to make it into a website now, i want to get a company to host the website (i’m going to figure out how to design it in something like MS frontpage). Can i just tell them my domain name or do i have to ‘deregister’ it from the register company and reregister it with the new company or what?

Finally will i be able to get an email address like [email protected] from a webhost company?

Does any have any recommendations of a company that could do this for me, i want someone i can use (i am UK based) and offers good value for money (not necessarily the cheapest), good customer service etc.
I want a web hosting company that specifically hosts websites not a huge company like yahoo who do many different things, i also want someone based in the UK with a decent ‘person’ customer service that i can speak to. Don’t know of anyone that has ever spoken to someone at Yahoo

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Answer by Denise T
You should be asking this question at the help option of Yahoo! instead of Yahoo questions and answers. I think they will be able to accomplish everything you want done (for a fee so make sure ask about the price).

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