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Question by Nightwind: Mwa ha ha!: Where can I get free or cheap web hosting?
I am looking to put my art portfolio online. Any suggestions where? I’m preferring something free or else very cheap. I’m preferring a site I design myself, rather than an account at someplace like deviantart.com. ove the years I’ve been using free services like geocities, but they keep falling by the wayside. I’m fine with an ad-supported page.

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Answer by ItachisXeyes
download ubuntu server edition. install it on a computer( during the install make sure to select “LAMP” as the software package, this will give you everything you need for a webserver). and buy a domain name for 10 bucks a year at godaddy.com

naturally you’ll need a static IP address, and if you don’t then you can sign up for DNS (usually for free) and use something like a perl script to every 10 minutes or so update the DNS as to what your current IP address is. (some DNS service providers are even kind enough to write the script for you, and have it available for download at there site.)

your webpage(s) go into the /www folder

your costs total, time to set up, secure and manage the server. electricity costs, and the 10 dollar per year fee at godaddy for a domain name.

also, the computer, does not have to be really powerful. i have hosted several sites on pentium 3 550 MHz machines with less then 300 MB of system memory.
so basically if you have a “junker” or pull one out of someone’s trash, there is your free hardware.

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