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Question by Ace: Where can I host my web page?
I want to put up a site that people can log in to, so the web hosting service needs to support PHP and SQL. I also want to make my own domain names. I’d prefer no or minimal adds. Also I want it to be free, or as close to free as possible. What are my best options?

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Answer by vicke_hotestcool

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Question by Cheapsocks: What do I need to do to create a site that hosts other people’s blogs?
I want to have a site like blogger or wordpress and host other people’s blogs and provide them with a choice of themes and dashboard, etc. How would I begin to do that and in the cheapest way?

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Answer by korgrue
A Bachelors or Masters Degree in Web Development would be a great place to start.

You will have to build a front end for it, develop the database, develop the CMS, and design and develop all of the themes. Then you will have to deploy it.

This would be a team project most likely, and you are going to want some venture capital to cover development and initial sustainability costs like bandwidth, servers, etc.

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Question by evmics: whats the best web hosting site to use for my business?
i have a student housing business and a electronics business. for the housing business i just need a very basic website. for the electronics business i need a shopping cart.

One site i found was about 3.67 USD per month but they charged me for 36 months. Is this a pretty good deal?
know of any other sites?
actually theyre only charging me for the year so i just had to use the drop menu.

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Answer by Blair
web intellects is good. I’m using their hosting for my site.

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Question by Noble and Generous: How can I start a fully functional website sitting in India ?
I m 20 and not an IT student.. tell me the cheapest and fully functional site such as this : http://lifeandmind.net/
need help from pearl pitt

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Answer by KPositive
There are three options for you

1) Create a blog and then convert blog domain into website domain. Blog can be made easily with many sites. e.g www.blogger.com, www.blogspot.com

2) You can design a static website by using ready made templates available on internet. By this way you can start learning about web designing and manage your own site. You can find and download many readily implementable templates by search keyword “free HTML/CSS website template” in google. Once you complete designing your website, you have to host it and register domain (URL) for your website. There are many companies giving these services.

3) You can hire professional or outsource your web designing work to IT company. For you that you need be very specific about what you want from your website. All the headache of making website, hosting and registration is handled by the company or person to whom you give the contract.

Choose whichever fits as per your convenience.

Contact me for more assistance : [email protected]

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