{article} Where Could I Find Cheap Web Hosting Providers?]

Question by GiRl NerD: Where Could I Find Cheap Web Hosting Providers?
I was searching for some affordable web hosting the other day and I found out that some hosts accept discount coupons and some of them have occasional discount prices. Where could I find out what web hosts are giving out discounts?

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Answer by regulationism
Checkout this website: http://www.CheapestWebHostings.com

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Question by ABC: Where can I find a good cheap web hosting without ads?
please help ? any free ?

im looking for a good cheap one without ads

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Answer by Erin T
I thought about asking this same question. I use Geocities (yahoo) web hosting, but would love to find another service with high to no traffic limits and no adds, any ideas? (I pay $ 30 somthing every 3 months)

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Question by Robert: Cheap web hosting for my new site?
Please excuse my limited knowledge as I’m a newbie on website design. I’m looking for an affordable web hosting plan for my new photography site. I have over 500 pictures taken during my travels and need a cheap web hosting service with quality. Is that even possible to find? I would appreciate if some website building tool is included as I know nothing about html…etc.


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Answer by Stephen
Depends on how much you want to be able to do with your website. If you just want to put your photos up I’d look for a free host. Free hosts usually force you to display their banner at the top of all your pages which stinks and you also have to use their domain name/your site. If you don’t care about that then I’d say look at tripod, bravenet, fortunecity, myfamily, etc. Do a search for free web via Yahoo or Google and there are tons of free hosts out there.

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