{article} Where to Find the Cheapest Web Design/Hosting/SEO Philippines?]

Question by : Where to Find the Cheapest Web Design/Hosting/SEO Philippines?

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Answer by Thivakar
We understand that some of the entrepreneurs can not afford web designs and online marketing so we established this Web Development Solutions Philippines to give you affordable rates for web design and SEO and to make your site visible.

Web Dev Solutions Philippines are the group of experienced freelance web graphic designers, developers, videographers and photographers can customize and/or custom build your websites as per your requirement.

We are helping Filipino Entrepreneurs to have their own website at very affordable price…

Be one of your partners in online marketing business….

Starting from P5000.00

* Basic Website Developing/Design
* 3 GB bandwidth / 100 MB disk space
* 1 Domain FREE .com/.net/.org/.info

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Question by jigz: Cheapest JSP?Servlet web hosting?
I’m looking for a cheap java web hosting to host my college project. Most of them are very expensive and my budget is very very small.
Pls help

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Answer by soekind
Following webhosting site is quite good.

Hostmonster http://snipurl.com/1512d

They offer hosting of “unlimited domains” and you will get massive webspace of 200000 MB (200 GB ). They only charge $ 4.95/month and they also offer “a free Domain Name” and installing service called “Fantastico”. By using Fantastico, you may create own forum, photo gallery, shopping cart (e-commerce),your own auction site and your own blogs within few seconds. They also offer “Free Website Builder” as well.

Visit the site to check details.
Hostmonster http://snipurl.com/1512d

Following site is quite good to register domains as price is reasonable with free privacy. Some charge about $ 5/ year just for free privacy.

IPOWER http http://tinyurl.com/yk9h23

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Question by penguinmaster4: is there a yearly payment web hosting service? (thats cheap)?

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Answer by sortaclarksville
freewebs.com is free if you allow banner ads, and less than $ 50/year if you want ad free.

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