{article} Which do you think is the best and cheapest hosting plan on web ? ,?]

Question by fastmindd: Which do you think is the best and cheapest hosting plan on web ? ,?
I still looking for a cheapest hosting plan for my small web site but im confused , there are too many hosting and i do not which is the best for me

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Answer by Samuel Adams
If you are willing to pay a nominal fee then http://www.godaddy.com would be your best option.

Microsoft Office Live offers a free domain http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/officelive/FX101534261033.aspx but it will include their logo and link to their service on your site. They are hoping to snag a large share of the market by offering a free domain, hosting and 500MB of storage. It will require a credit card to verify your age.

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Question by Vincent w: Is anyone knows about good web hosting for asp.net 3.5?
I have searched several asp .net 3.5 hosting from google, and I got the result like discount asp and IX web hosting.Anyone have experience with these two?. I am looking for something cheap but good enough for development test server, preferably if it provide sql server 2005 and must support .net 3.5

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Answer by GhettoRaid
I just moved all my hosting over to GoDaddy, and they are great with the customer service. I am using their shared hosting, currently. Very reasonable pricing.

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Question by Penguin_02: Unlimited Web hosting?
Can someone steer me in the write direction?

I’m looking for web hosting that offers the following features at a cheap rate. preferably monthly
With unlimited everything.

1. Ability to stream videos and audio. ei: avi, mp3

2. upload limit of at least 200. I know bounce web offers 200 but they have bad reviews.

3. with as much bells and whistles as possible (addon features)

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Answer by jm

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