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Question by darkfyra_wolf: Which free/cheap web hosting service is the best?
The three main things I am looking for are searchability on Google and other search engines, my own domain name, and ease of creation. Free is ideal, but if such a site does not exist, a cheap service would also be acceptable. Thank you!

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Answer by Chris B
There is no way to obtain a *FREE* domain name on the internet (unless someone pays for you of course).

Domain name, and hosting for that domain name are two separate fees. Domains can start at $ 9.99 while hosting is could range anywhere from $ 50 and upwards.

If you want a website that will still rank in searches and still be free, use x10hosting.com
The problem is with them is that they append onto their domain (no ads though),
for example your URL could be: myDomain.pcriot.com

Hope this helps!
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