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Question by Ruraga: Which is the best (and also cheap) web hosting service?
I was planning to sign up for a domain name. I want a cheap and easy to use web host. Which one would you recommend me?

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Answer by crotchel
I recently just switched my hosting services to sgc-hosting.com

Their hosting is great, but not the cheapest per MB of space. They do not oversell their servers which is really a HUGE plus. The support is very personal and friendly and their services are much faster than the several dozen other hosts I’ve tried.

They do not register domain names (yet), but if you email [email protected] they will help you.

If their preset packages aren’t what you need, they will make a custom plan for you if you contact them.

Edit: A few things to watch out for:
klik247.com isn’t even a REAL web host! It’s just a netearthone account!
Hosts the provide “unlimited” disc space is a lie, there is no such thing. They often limit the number of files you can have along with file size limits. They also FORCE you to upgrade to dedicated or VPS packages if you use too many resources. I learned all this the hard way!

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