{article} Which one should I pick for web hosting? need advice, bluehost or hostmonster?]

Question by Rosse: Which one should I pick for web hosting? need advice, bluehost or hostmonster?
BlueHost.com or HostMonster.com?

This is driving me insane, it’s left down to who ever post’s below, which would you recommend, seen as there both the same companies, I was going to go with BlueHost, but really really really need an answer as I’m going to purchase one right now.

BlueHost or HostMonster?…

The only diff is that HostMonster is 24 bucks cheaper a year?… But in reliability, which one?

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Answer by freedom first
Honestly, I’ve never used Hostmonster so I can’t really comment on their services. I have been using Bluehost for more than a year and I can confidently say that they’ve done a great job hosting my sites and handling bursts of traffic on rare occasions.

Oh yeah, I’m kind of biased because I’ve signed up for the Bluehost affiliate program and I make some money when someone clicks on my link before signing up. 😀


I could suggest other sites for money, too… but Bluehost is the one I’d recommend for top quality reliability. Some, like Dreamhost can be even cheaper if you go with a coupon code like “SAVES50” to get $ 50 off – but there’s usually some trade-off in speed and uptime.

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