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Question by Melanie: WordPress 3 questions including index page help?

Firstly I’m a web design newbie. I’m capable of using FTP and html etc, so I can follow stuff no problem, and once I have done something once I’m easily able to crack on with the rest of things. However, I’m no technical whizz, so no convoluted IT jargon please!

I have a web hosting package with UK-Cheapest and I’ve downloaded Word Press on to my account as an application.

Now, I know that with UK-Cheapest (same as any other web hosts I guess!) they give you a bog standard index.php file which you are supposed to delete and overwrite with your own personal index.php file (when you have one). Therefore when anyone goes onto your site on the web this is your Welcome page.

Now, the index page I have developed in Word Press was within the Word Press folders, so I copied it and pasted it into the folder where the dummy index file had previously been. However, I cannot see my file when I go on the web! It comes up with a white screen! I read somewhere in the instructions about having to also copy over some sort of access file from the Word Press folder (which I’m guessing is why the screen is blank), but I cannot find it anywhere. I’ve been through all the motions of setting my system to ‘show hidden files’ but can I hell find it. I tried UK Cheapest live chat but they weren’t much help!!

Can anyone help?

My second/third (basic question) is, that the Word Press template I have used has a blog on the bottom which I don’t want, I just want an information page with links to other pages in my site. Can I get rid of the blog, or do I just need to download a different template for this? And how can I change the font to Arial rather than Times New Roman as the Word Press instructions are 10 mins long…surely it can’t be that long a process??

Thanks in advance
Thanks Stone. It’s the htaccess file I have been looking for and I can’t find it anywhere. the instructions tell you to copy over the htaccess file to the same directory as the WordPress index.php which I could do if I could find it… As I said, I’ve tried ‘show hidden files’ and I can’t see it.

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Answer by stone
Yes, the index files in wordpress are blank…

You might want to use your htacess file to send visitors from the welcome page to the wordpress, or just use the index page to talk about your site and link to the wordpress blog.

The current post on the wordpress can be edited or deleted from the wordpress control panel (dashboard).

There’s a reason for the long instructions at wordpress, there are a lot of files, going to the correct file and changing the correct bit of code is somewhat technical.

You may wish to create a child theme,,,

With the child theme, you can change as much or as little as you wish.

Have you tried creating an htaccess file in public html and just going for it?
Or maybe create one in your computer and upload it…

Are you using your ftp program to look for the htaccess file? If there’s one in wordpress, it should be the first file after the folders.

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