Avoiding the Internet Scams

Browsing the internet can lead you to many scam websites and places that simply want to rob you blind. Many people lose a lot of money online falling prey to the scammers. The one thing to remember is to never pay money to make money. There is a great blog called Residuals and Royalties and it lists all of the legitimate ways to make money online. This blog addresses some websites that people may have thought were scams. You should check out all of the posts regarding the penny stock chaser scam and the ways these online schiesters try to rip you off.

The Residuals and Royalties blog also talks about some websites that people thought were scams but in truth, they actually do help you make money online. There are plenty of blog posts about the demand studios scam and how there is no scam, you actually can make money on demand studios. The fact is, if you do your research and be careful who you give you credit card to you can stay safe online. You can really create some nice passive income from the websites listed on Residuals and Royalties.

I even found my part time field inspection job from this blog. I was reading Residuals and Royalties one day and there was an article about becoming a field inspector and it really opened my eyes. I get to travel all over town each day and work only when I want to work. The best part is not having to answer to some idiot middle manager. This is a great part time job and it was surely no scam! Simply searching for scams online led me to the Residuals and Royalties blog, which in turn taught me about field inspection and everything it has to offer. I knew that this was the job for me and I am so happy with my new career. I am now ranked the number one inspector in my city and I make over $5,000 a month!